Thursday, November 16, 2006

Christobal Tutorial "texturing and postproduction concept"

A tutorial from Christobal Vila from etereae studios

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

XP to control multi Camera Rendering

This is interesting.

Jens has showna interesting XP Script to Render multi Camera in one shot!


Friday, August 25, 2006

Caustic discussion in cgtalk

Friday, August 18, 2006

Renderama Slave tips

A discussion in cgtalk regarding about setting render slave...

a reply by Ryan Mininger (gdogfunk)

The way I set up multiple render slaves on a multi-processor machine is the following:

1) Create a folder called 'Slave1' and copy the EI sockets, EI shaders, and EI resources folders, Renderama Slave, and Camera apps to this new folder.

2) Launch camera from this new slave folder and set your memory preferences.

3) Duplicate the 'Slave1' folder and rename 'Slave2'.

4) Launch the Renderama Slave app from the second folder and choose a different port number...something like 1617. I usually just increment my port numbers...1616, 1617, 1618, 1619, etc...

5) If you want autostarting slaves on OSX, you need to add the Renderama Slave apps under your 'Accounts' settings under the Users in the system prefs...On the PC, you just add an alias to the startup folder for each Renderama Slave app under the Docs and Settings folder in Windows Explorer.

6) In Renderama, add your new IPs to the list...,

Oh...and if you are doing this on the PC, I found I had to rename the Renderama Slave app in the second folder to Renderama Slave2, as well as the other resource file so Windows see 2 different apps.

Also remember that you need to have all plugins on each of the slaves for the appropriate operating system. Some plugs are not net render friendly and others have certain setup'll have to look at any thir-party docs to see if this applies in your case.

I also set my PC that aren't hooked up to monitors to just obtain the IP manually and I tell it what IP to be...that way the slave list never changes and I know which slave is which if any have errors.

There might be better ways to do this, but this is how I setup my farm in my office.

Hope this helps!



additional input from Matthoff


"1) Create a folder called 'Slave1' and copy the EI sockets, EI shaders, and EI resources folders, Renderama Slave, and Camera apps to this new folder. "

Also make sure you copy the EI Shared Memory Lib.bundle file.
Make sure the new folder isn't a subfolder of the main EI folder.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

XP: distribute position evenly

Just play around with XP, discover a way to distribute some object position evenly, there should be some other easy way with using variable, but this is what I can think of...:)

This script will need 5 cube, using calculation to locate the length between the first cube and the last cube, than divide the length evenly to fit the other cube, here are the script...

distanceX=cube05.Position.X-cube01.Position.X; distanceY=cube05.Position.Y-cube01.Position.Y; distanceZ=cube05.Position.Z-cube01.Position.Z; cube02.Position.X=(cube01.Position.X+(distanceX/4)*1); cube03.Position.X=(cube01.Position.X+(distanceX/4)*2); cube04.Position.X=(cube01.Position.X+(distanceX/4)*3); cube02.Position.Y=(cube01.Position.Y+(distanceY/4)*1); cube03.Position.Y=(cube01.Position.Y+(distanceY/4)*2); cube04.Position.Y=(cube01.Position.Y+(distanceY/4)*3); cube02.Position.Z=(cube01.Position.Z+(distanceZ/4)*1); cube03.Position.Z=(cube01.Position.Z+(distanceZ/4)*2); cube04.Position.Z=(cube01.Position.Z+(distanceZ/4)*3);

Anyone found better way to achieve the same task, please let me know...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Igor's GI tips

Igor has post a GI tips on this CGtalk thred


1. Use "Show Samples" diagnostics, let GI shows where are problems

2. Start from maximal simple settings:

- GI: 1 bound, Secondary Rays = 0, Sampling 8x8
- single Light with buffer shadow
- no AA

3. Increase AA (step by step) and see results with "Show Samples". Check geometry in areas are filled with red color. Things like leaves, grass, polygons hairs etc. are heavy for GI always and anywhere cause their geometry is "scattered" that makes GI interpolation technique ineffective. Maybe it makes a sense to exclude such groups from GI calculation

4. Replace buffer shadow with soft ray-trace shadow (not a big speed happy itself). We agree with Ian: GI + dome is a possible but imho not a lucky combo. Adding a light with GI Mode = Exclusive (no shadow) often is much better and faster if you need rid of dark areas

Thanks Igor