Thursday, March 27, 2008

fbx converter

a handy tools to convert obj, 3ds, dfx to fbx version 6, which EI7 able to import, the greatest thing about this little utility is it import UVmap flawlessly!!!

a test on Silo model with UV map, export to obj, convert the obj to fbx, than open the fbx in EI7, it does sounds ridiculous, but the result merit since EI doesn't have Obj2Fac, compare to polytrans, this little tools is free.

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rtrowbridge said...

I'm trying to do this, but I can't get the UV mapping to import. The "Use UV Space" checkbox is ghosted in the shading properties. This is on obj files from both UVMapper and Blacksmith 3D that have saved textures. Is there something inside fbx converter or the fbx dialog inside EIAS 7.0.1 that I'm missing?